Buurtzorg modelling & integrated care

Australia’s disability and aged care principles are experiencing challenges and threats similar to other western countries. With such similarity to Europe and the UK, it is no surprise new ways of operations and care delivery are being developed. A growing population and pressure on funding sources are creating a mixed model of ultimate care for those in need. We work with Buurtzorg, their models and their partner organisations around the world to bring advanced and successful techniques to organisations in Australia looking to make change.

Intake and the use of Buurtzorg structures

Intake of clients is now a critical role and should be considered a core area within the business and needs to be strategically mapped to budgeting and outcome driven performance indicators for a Buurtzorg environment. Intake is a strategic mix between customer focus delivery and clinical judgments. You need your best staff for the intake and service delivery, they can be the difference between securing new business or losing it.

Funding model reviews 

Typically many organisations have been built and grown around a stable funding model of;

  • Block Funding
  • Activity Based Funding
  • Grants
  • Fee for Service
  • Secondary revenue lines (including interest and rental income)

which has been managed through organisational systems, process and procedures. We work with you to consider your existing model and IT systems giving you leverage to think about fundamental changes to see the opportunities coming.

Integrated Care

To transform care environments is difficult and can be long. It can be resource-intensive and requires collaboration from many stakeholders. To achieve positive outcomes in changes to quality care takes time. 

Future proof Australia will take you through:

  • Care Integration in Practice
  • Enabling Integrated Care
  • Crossing over boundaries within integrated care

Let’s consider under a Buurtzorg model

How to stay financially viable, and compete against other organisations?

  • Make the necessary changes to systems and processes
  • Invest in IT, finance, social communication and applicable client management software
  • Stay responsive, innovate but yet personal
  • Don’t underestimate the size of the change

The future possibilities?

  • Update strategy and delivery including social and digital strategy
  • Implement new effective daily processes
  • Introduce new client management systems, including scheduling and tablets
  • Restructures
  • Resourced the changes appropriately


Engage with Future Proof

Supporting organisations through strategy and delivery under license from Buurtzorg with a talented group of consultants from around Australia.