Management Consulting


Future Proof Australia’s management consulting arm comprises of specialist teams of doctors, MBA graduates and Oracle and ICT specialists. It is designed for founders of organisations, leaders, coaches and advisors. For those who wish to make a change but yet may not know what that change needs to be. Where one may sense that something is no longer working in the organisation as it once did. At a time when something entirely different is being called for and the organisation need specialists support who are internationally trained and qualified in such contexts.

Whether you are considering how to operate in a Buurtzorg inspired manner, creating a shift towards a teal organisational setting, a more sociocratic and inclusive style or perhaps considering how Holocracy might fit your organisation. An introductory discussion or coffee doesn’t cost anything and the team at Future Proof Australia will always find time to listen. Start the principles discussion today on 1800 292 273 and explore how Future Proof Australia is connected to the global stage and working with some of Australia’s leading organisations.

Strategic and Management Consulting

Future Proof provides advice and implementation services to management to improve the effectiveness of their business strategy, operations and operational processes. This means that besides defining and creating strategies, where the focus is on providing ‘pure’ advice, Future Proof has built up a reputation of advising organisation about effectively implementing the strategy.

Operations / Process Consulting

Operations Management is the business area that deals with the production of goods and services. Its aim is to ensure that business operations and processes run efficiently and effectively. The focus of Operations Management is on primary processes such as Marketing and Sales, or on supporting processes such as Information Technology, Purchasing, and Human Resources.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management comprises all planning and management activities that are required in the process of transporting materials and products from the supplier to a wholesaler, the retail trade and ultimately the consumer. The most important activities within this process are production, sourcing, procurement and logistics.

Human Capital Management Consulting

Human Capital Management consulting encompasses all aspects within an organisation that in fact have to do with people: Human Resource strategy, recruitment, payroll management, talent management, on-boarding, off-boarding and employment policy.

Change management

The core of every organisational change, whether it is streamlining work processes, quality improvement or system implementation, is the process of development from where the organisation is today (current situation) to where the organisation wants to be in the future (the desired future). Change management focuses on understanding of the current situation and the desired future situation. The starting point here is the consideration towards change and the process of change by creating conditions – in terms of goals, desired situation, milestones, activities – for the organisational change.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a partnership (as an alliance, not a business partnership) in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximise personal and professional potential. It is designed to facilitate the creation and development of personal, professional or business goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals.

Future Proof provides person-to-person coaching or tele-coaching (Skype, etc.), as designed jointly with the client.