Becoming a Client Centred Organisation

Being a client centred organisation

What does it take to be a client centred organisation?

Looking to a more developed and mature environment for client centred operations?  It is possible to borrow guiding ideas or concepts regarding the decision for change. In a brilliant paper by Williams and Sanderson (2010), some key elements can be taken. After all, the paper is based on a reflection on years of learning about client centred organisations. They propose 7 key elements (and associated learning and reflecting exercises), which they assume to be the foundation of person-centred organisations:

  1. Visionary leadership
  2. Shared values and beliefs
  3. Outcomes for Individuals
  4. Community focus
  5. Empowered and valued Staff
  6. Individual and organisational learning
  7. Partnership

How does this fit with your organisation’s view of person-centred experiences?


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