Everything we do is HCM

Everything HCM

Everything we do at Future Proof Australia is focused around Human Capital Management. While we have broadened from our original core offering of Oracle and Ascender consulting services we still encompass the full spectrum of HCM services.

On average we can save you around 40-50% on your project costs. Our overall focus is to successfully complete your project with your outcomes being our measurement of success.

Saving you time and money

Time and Money

We are a team of highly-trained Oracle and Ascender Human Capital Management (HCM) consultants who invest in outcomes based practices and continued learning so we can remain on time and on budget.

From payroll, to calculation of entitlements, to sessional staff reporting & on boarding , to HCM fundamentals, our mission is to help you understand and optimise your new or existing HCM system.

  • Troubleshoot and problem solve issues
  • Simplify processes
  • Create reliable reporting
  • Build confident users

Solution Driven

Solution Orientation

At Future Proof Australia, we have some of the best technical and solution orientated HCM consultants who are experienced with Oracle and Ascender. Let us support your program of works including:

  • Your transactional processing
  • New reporting
  • Data cleansing
  • Data migration
  • Script writing for easy access to data in tables
  • Project support and technical SQL script writing
  • Project management

Questions? Contact our experienced HCM consultants online,

email hello@future-proof.com.au

or call 1800 292 273 today.