Client centricity

Simple ideas – Big Changes

Many services/interventions in nursing, health care at home and support services are not oriented towards supporting the independence of people or to the social support system in the neighbourhood and cooperation with professionals. For example, in community nursing or in home care and supports, major improvements can be made by redefining the desired care and services and to base this on self-directed care workers in teams that are responsible for their own results. This is what was done with Buurtzorg .

Nursing and care and support at home are provided in a professional way (again) close to the people in the local community, organised in small-scale self-directing teams. The concept supports care workers with modern ICT and an effective back office. Employees in a team make maximal use of each other’s competencies and respond to care needs in a dynamic, solution-oriented way. The teams are responsible for their results and are both autonomous and enterprising.

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